Animal & Wildlife Conservation Programs

A wide range of Louisiana wildlife

Golden Ranch Farms has a wide range of wildlife that is raised on the property. Just to list a few of the animals that can be seen on a daily basis are white-tailed deer, blackbuck, antelope, oryx, Père David’s deer, fallow deer, axis, and even a giraffe and zebra.


The national bird of the USA, the bald eagle, makes the ranch home at certain times of the year. The Golden Ranch has resident eagles that stay year-round and can be seen every day. Bird watching at the ranch is very easy to do and is breathtaking.

Wildlife Conservation Programs

Meet Giraffe the Giraffe. Yes, that’s her name! Giraffes are majestic creatures that hold a special place in our hearts at Golden Ranch Farms. Read more

Whitetail Deer Farm Louisiana

Golden Ranch Whitetails has two breeding facilities, one with 100% proven northern bloodlines and one 50% northern and 50% southern bloodlines.

Golden Ranch Whitetails

Golden Ranch whitetails, a subsidiary to Golden Ranch Farms, is housed on the farm itself. Golden Ranch Whitetails began in October of 2014. It features two separate breeding facilities, and its core focus is to produce top of the line whitetail deer. The program prides itself on only using bucks with strong mainframes to maintain its goal of breeding and selling the best of the best.

Louisiana alligator farm

Golden Ranch also has one of the largest alligator farms in the country. It is one of the only captive breeding operations that is used to preserve and sustain a healthy balance of alligators. The alligator breeding process includes collecting eggs, incubating, hatching and growing. Once the gators are grown to size, a percentage of them are released back into the wild to breed. The ranch also has an extensive marsh to market program.

louisiana alligator breeding farm

Golden Ranch’s alligator farm is one of the largest in the country.