About Golden Ranch Farms

52,000 Acres of Pristine Louisiana Land

Golden Ranch Farms sits on over 50,000 pristine Louisiana acres, including beautiful trees, marsh waters, distinctive swamps, and almost 1000 acres of actively producing sugar cane fields.

This property is Arlen “Benny” Cenac Jr.’s privately-owned refuge in Louisiana and is the oldest refuge of its kind in the United States. Benny Cenac has made it his mission to preserve and cultivate this property, so it remains immaculate and sustainable, as it has been for over 200 years. Benny Cenac’s mission knows no bounds as he has continued to invest his time and energy into the needs of keeping the land self-sustaining and thriving with numerous species of wildlife throughout the wooded areas and freshwater marshes.

Benny Cenac and Land Conservation

The protection of Golden Ranch Farms begins with the freshwater marshland. Keeping the marshes healthy is vital to restoring and maintaining wildlife that call the farm home, including alligator, deer, fish, nutria, and migrating birds, to name a few. Benny has invested in many flood control structures to help stop saltwater intrusion, which is vital to shield the marshes and the entire property. The trees that inhabit Golden Ranch Farms are made up of Cypress, Tupelo Gum, Willow, and Oak. They are unable to survive in even the smallest amount of saltwater. Between the flood control structures and the extensive levee system, the heart of the farm will be protected for many years to come.