Arlen "Benny" Cenac, Jr.

Focused on continued preservation, conservation and sustainability

Arlen “Benny” Cenac Jr., sole owner and operator of Golden Ranch Farms has kept his mission for the farm alive and well since the day he took ownership.

He has remained focused on the continued preservation, conservation and sustainability that has been a part of the ranch for hundreds of years. As an avid philanthropist to the gulf coast region and strong supporter of coastal wetland restoration, taking care of this land is second nature to him.


As an entrepreneur at heart, Benny enjoys seeking out new business opportunities across the region, in an effort to help cultivate a strong local economy-this opportunity was no different. Golden Ranch Farms and Plantation is filled with a rich history, 52,000 acres of fresh water marsh, sugar cane fields, a variety of species of trees, and a wide selection of thriving wildlife.


As a loyal pioneer in his community, Benny has served on several boards and committees, including Nicholls State University College of Business Advisory Board, Nicholls State University Foundation, and Restore or Retreat. Benny is also a member of Waterways Operators, South Central Industrial Association, Bayou Community Foundation and Greater New Orleans Foundation.

Louisiana Businessman Benny Cenac, Jr.

Arlen “Benny” Cenac, Jr. continues to invest large capital sums to keep the land of Golden Ranch Farms pristine and self-sustainable.


Golden Ranch Farms is the largest privately owned refuge in the state of Louisiana.

Over the years, Mr. Cenac has, and continues to, invest large capital sums to keep the land pristine and self-sustainable. He looks forward to seeing the future of Golden Ranch Farms as it continues to thrive and flourish under his ownership.